Working, Working- Thanks, Mom!

What a great mom!
What a great mom!

I wish every person could have a mom like mine.  She is always willing to help and even when we disagree, it is usually because we both want what is best for me but just have different ideas as to what that is.  Today mom came by with pizza and then began to clean.  If you have ever moved, you know just how good pizza is and much help is appreciated.

My mom has always put her children first, not just with words but with actions.  She stayed at home with all three of us putting off her plans to be a teacher.  She always said that she wanted to be the one who was with us when we were sick and available for us if we needed her.  We were first and we knew it.  I followed her excellent example and I don’t regret a moment.  Once my youngest sister got into high school mom went back to college.  She is now a teacher and is still putting children first.  I am very grateful.

So, while mom was at the house we cleaned.  She cleaned the wood burning stove and the carpets were cleaned.  The carpets will eventually be replaced with wood, carpet has no place on a farm with what gets tracked in to the house.  The kids unpacked boxes and cleaned their rooms.

Wednesday will be a work day, but it will be focused on the outdoors.  We may be moving, but planting season waits for no one!  So, I will till the beds that are left and finish the herb beds.  If all goes according to plans (which is very rare)  I will plant on Friday.  Seedlings are outside now getting hardened off and will be in the ground on Friday.

Spring is here and I am so excited!!

5 thoughts on “Working, Working- Thanks, Mom!

  1. Mothers are excellent! How blessed we are to have caring, loving mothers to support us throughout our lives.

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