The Pride of Galveston Series

Out of the Shadows- The Millionaire and her Ranger- Romance Novel

Fierce- Beautiful- Unreasonable- Bulldog- Sexy- Unapologetic- Irreverent- Compassionate- Successful- Principled- all words used to describe Brett Bentley, all of them true.

Risk is not a word Brett runs from, frankly she likes it.  After her husband and voice of reason dies, there is no one to stop her from building a team of hackers to hunt sex trafficers down and drain their bank accounts.  Now trouble is stalking her.  A case of mistaken identity or has someone discovered her secrets?

Help is a four letter word to Brett.  When help shows up in the perfect form of a former Army Ranger, Brett’s first response is to have her Italian Mastiff clamp down on his family jewels.  If this doesn’t serve as a warning, Alex Jensen only has himself to blame.  Retirement has been a bore, he can’t resist taking a ride on Brett’s drama train. First impressions are deceptive, not only is Brett’s life really on the line, it becomes clear that neither of their hearts will be intact when this ride is over. A South American drug lord has Brett as the object of his rage and desire.  Cornered and alone, Brett must be her own hero.  Lethal is the word she needs now- does she have what it takes?

Compliments to the Chef

Regan is the most sought after private chef and caterer in Austin, Texas.  Chance is the rising star in Texas politics.  At a dinner their eyes lock and their worlds are never the same.

Chance Blakely is everything Regan detests.  He’s an arrogant playboy, heir to a pharmaceutical giant, and a lobbyist.  Coming from a military family, Regan can spot a military man a mile away but Chance doesn’t say a word about his service- EVER.  So, add secret keeper to the long list of why Chance is everything she can’t stand.  So why does he feel like everything she wants?

Regan LaRue is everything Chance ever dreamed of- back when he once dreamed of a happily ever after.  Now, she’s everything he doesn’t- can’t- want.  She is beautiful, she is fierce and will eat fools for lunch, she’s brilliant, and her laugh can melt glaciers.  She’s the kind of woman you marry.  He should walk away- especially after she threatened to shoot him, literally.  But when he looks in those emerald eyes, he can’t look away.

He’s falling but he’s sure that when Regan finds out his secret shame, she won’t look his way again.  Regan is terrified of her own judgement being skewed, but she can’t seem to resist this charming playboy who has so much hidden in his caramel eyes.

Their pasts will come calling, hell’s gonna break loose, will they be left standing in the end?

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