Biggest One Acre Farm In Texas

You might have noticed that my blogging has been a bit irregular lately- there is a good reason for this.  We are moving!  I love my hill, it is so picturesque- but…  Farming is hard enough when you are not battling gravity and facing the North.  This land has been maximized as best we can, but we now need something more.  We have been looking for awhile and nothing ever worked out, so we took a look at what was right in front of our face- a property that we have owned for about 6 years.

I must say that I was resistant in the beginning because I wanted more land.  But, this place is level (hallelujah!) and gets wonderful sunshine all day with a few shade trees sprinkled about.  Now, we are all excited.  We have leased land around the corner, and just a short walk away, for our goats and things are shaping up.

So, please bare with me as I move five species of animals, 3 kids, an herb farm and a business all the while our busy season is picking us steam with farmer’s markets every weekend and not to mention all of the building, tilling, and planting that is going on- whew!  But, God is good all the time and we are sailing smoothly along- but not without a lot of hard work.

Join us now as we make Hollyberry Herb Farm the biggest one acre farm in Texas!

New Farm

The view from the front porch, this entire area will be the permanent herb gardens.  Tony is preparing to cut down the cedar tree- which is now gone and the branches will be the supports for the tomato plants.  That huge pile of rocks is in the process of being moved to line the beds in the herb garden.

new greenhouse

Tony and Jonathan are putting together the new greenhouse.  As of next week, all of our seedlings will be moved into the new and much larger greenhouse.  Of course, once Easter passes, the seedlings will all be moved outside.

Jonthathan tilling

Jonathan couldn’t wait to get to run the tiller.  Of course, we have tilled so much that he is quite done with it now.  All the kids have helped, but Jonathan has really stepped up.  He is right there with me everyday moving rocks, digging holes for the new plants, just about everything.  He is very strong for an eleven year old boy and this work will surely make him stronger.

the land

new farm

These are pictures of the back of the property.  As you can see, it is a blank slate.  It is almost as though we are starting from scratch and needing to build chicken houses, fences, gardens, and animal housing, but we are not really.  We now have all the knowledge and experience that 7 years of homesteading has given us.  And that my friend, is more valuable than any barn.  So, here we go- let’s see just how much one acre can produce.  I believe we will all be surprised.



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