Hard Company Security Series

All Dixie ever wanted was a home in the country with a family of her own. That dream was shattered when her husband walked out with a new girl the week after he graduated medical school- that she paid for.
Four years later, Dixie is back in her home town with a highly successful career, but her hearts still years for what it wanted most.
Former Marine Raider, Lucas Hardwick has had his body bruised and his soul wounded. On a recommendation from a friend, he finds himself in LaRue, Texas. He is searching for the right property to relocate his security firm but his heart is searching for much more than that in this next season of life.

Dixie has no idea what is happening when a thug jumps her on a quiet sidewalk in this sleepy little town. When she meets the eyes of her rescuer, Dixie finds herself looking into the eyes of the first man who tempts her to dream again.

Will this Christmas make dreams come true in this sweet but spicy romance.

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Rob, Thunder, Hall has been making things go boom his whole life. Maybe that is why he loved the weather so much. It is volatile, unpredictable, powerful, magnificent and beautiful. Maybe that is what drew hime to Lauren.

Everyone in town thinks she is calm and placid, but this Special Ops Weatherman can see the storm raging in those midnight blue eyes.

La Rue, Texas was a shelter from the storm for Lauren Lyon. She wasn’t hiding, she just didn’t talk about her past because she didn’t want that past to find her. Okay, maybe she was hiding. She had built a new life and things were going smoothly. That is until Rob Hall returned home from his career in the Airforce. They say he is a weatherman but Lauren senses something far more dangerous. Those black eyes of hers see right past all her perfectly crafted appearances.

Lauren’s past makes her skittish and she shys away from Rob’s flirting. Rob doesn’t mind, he knows what he wants and he wants Lauren. He’s determined to love her past her past.

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