Christmas Outing 2011

The Ross Family 2011

Each year we take a little excursion to do some Christmas “event”.  For several years when the older two were little we would go to Marshall, TX.  Then, we did some other events like ICE at the Gaylord Texan or the Polar Express in Grapevine.  Some were more fun than others, but all our outings have been fun.

This year we went back to Marshall.  As best I can remember without getting out the scrapbooks, we haven’t been there since Sierra was 18 months old and I was pregnant with Jonathan.  Well, Jonathan is now 10 years old!  My, My, time really can get away from you.  Sierra and Jonathan were very excited about their first ice skating experience.

I have to say, when we were hitting Marshall before it was neat, the courthouse was always a sight to see, but that was about it.  They would put up the ice skating rink and a few other odds and ends but not much more.  That was then.  Now, there is a lot of things for the kids to see.  The lights around the courthouse were set to music and that was awesome!  I really recommend taking the family to Marshall for Christmas fun.  Tonight was cold!  It really felt like Christmas ought to feel.

As for the ice skating…. We had so much fun.  We probably all looked like wounded ducks, but we laughed and laughed.  Savannah took to it pretty quick.  Of course Tony acted as if he did it all the time.  Cheyenne was going great until she busted her knees and called it a night,. I am sure the knot on her knee will heal soon!  Sierra did get it, she said she would do better in a bigger rink since she didn’t know how to turn.  As for Jonathan he stuck to it.  By the end, he had it down.  Thankfully he didn’t mind all the ice and snow stuck all over him.  I busted with grace twice, its kind of hard to have a complete wipeout when you don’t get more than 12 inches away from the wall.  All in all, we did pretty good.  Most everyone looked like we did.  It was easy to pick out those that did not grow up here.

If you get to Marshall, there is a really good Mexican place on the square.  Casa Tamasa was quite good and priced great. 

One thought on “Christmas Outing 2011

  1. Love your pictures! That picture of Tony with 2 beautiful women would make any man jealous until they find out that beauties are his daughters. We have never been to Marshall, but your pictures convince me we need to make the trip. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and pictures!

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