Rylie Grace is 5!

My youngest niece, Rylie, turns five on December 18th and this weekend we celebrated her birthday.  Rylie has quite the personality and she was loving all the fun.  My sister and Rylie’s mom, Windy, always does a great job on the birthday parties and this was no exception.

Hot chocolate was served and that really made the outdoor party nice.  All though chilly, the weather was great.  Pizza was yummy.  After the bonfire got going, the roasted marshmallows and smores were a hit with the kiddos.  There were LOTS of Kiddos there.  Squeals and screams were heard all night.  Given that my brother-in-law, Ryan, lit the bonfire with gasoline, we are really glad the screams were only the happy kind!  Ryan is a great dad and built a really good fire.

Minnie Mouse was the theme.  Aunt Peggy made a great cake and Windy made and awesome banner!
Gift Time!
J’s favorite part was the bonfire!  Papa Dennis watches on.
Cheyenne looking pretty.
Mmmm, roasted marshmallows coming up!

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