Auction Week

What a week we have had!  It  has been so good, but also physically demanding.  It is the good kind of tired, though.  The kind of tired you get when you push yourselves beyond what is physically comfortable to accomplish a goal.  The kind of tired that means you sleep really well…
It all started last Saturday.  Dogwood Nursery in Athens, Texas went out of business and auctioned off the nursery equipment and supplies.  Tony and I, along with Sierra and Jonathan, attended the auction and had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people.  Deals were made and many bargains had on everything from muck boots to blower fans, tables to polytarp.
We were hoping to purchase at least one greenhouse- we got four!  The last two, being purchased for only $35.00.  These greenhouses are 96 feet long and have tables made from cattle panels running down each side.  Often, the design of these greenhouses is called “hoop houses” as they are made from aluminum pipe that has been bent in a semicircle that makes a hoop when stood on the ends.
While Tony was outside bidding on greenhouses, I was inside a very large greenhouse bidding on plants and tables.  The tables we had marked before the auction started.  These particular ones are made from aluminum tubing as well, with hardware cloth as the top.  A very simple design, but very sturdy and effective.  The first one table went for a good amount of money.  Before the next table was auctioned off, the announcement was made that the greenhouse bidding was about to begin and all of the nurserymen went outside- leaving me as the only “nursery woman” inside with the homeowners bidding on plants.  When the next table came up I was the only one who bid!  So pleased with myself, I bought the next two for only $10.00 each and spent only $40.00 on all three tables.
The next day, we began to take it all apart.  The simple design of the tables was deceiving- it took the better part of 2 days to disassemble the tables!  However, it was certainly worth it.  We saved so much money with what we purchased, it is such a blessing.
 Every day this week, we were at the nursery taking stuff apart.  Monday will be our last trip and all the supplies will be home.  Well, every day except Thursday.  That day we attended another auction in town and bought a tractor- the only thing we did not snag at the nursery auction.
God has certainly blessed us.  With what we purchased we are about two years ahead of schedule with our nursery.  The hoop-houses we bought have many uses.  Given that 96 feet is a lot of space, one house can be divided and used to house the brooder for my chicks, a dog kennel, and a rabbit house.  So, not only did the nursery move right along, so did the farm.
I am so grateful for my kids!  They have worked hard right along with us and their attitudes have been amazing!  No griping or complaining, they are awesome!

Cheyenne & Savannah working hard, taking off the cattle panels

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