All In A Day’s Work

Today was a day of cleaning up and catching up on chores.  The word “chore” often conjures up a negative thought, but it was really fun and refreshing.  The kids all commented at different times how good it felt to have things back in order.

The two ladies wanted the same box, forget the open one right next door!

 Jonathan loves birds, including our chickens. When others are making faces and trying to look busy doing nothing, Jonathan is willing and ready to help me in the coop.  For the most part, the chickens are low maintenance livestock on the small scale that we keep them.  At this time, we have a dozen hens and one rooster.  With two feeders that will hold 25 lbs of feed each, the feed only has to be filled once a week.  Water is different, most of the time it has to be filled daily.  Once we get moved to the new farm, I plan to add automatic waterers to the hen house.  The only real complaint I have about the hens is that they insist on roosting on the nesting boxes.  This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that during the night they poop a lot.  Which in turn means that the nesting boxes and roosts must be cleaned out.  Usually, Mondays are my chicken coop cleaning days; however, I have been remiss lately about that chore.  So, today Jonathan and I got after it.  Funny thing about chickens- they don’t like me messing with their nesting boxes.  For a few days, we will be finding eggs in odd places. 

Some one’s been messing with my box!

 The girls all chipped in and picked up trash, moved supplies and swept porches.  The dogs favorite past-time is to find anything plastic and chew it up.  Their favorite place to chew it up is in the front flowerbed for the whole world to see.  Thanks to them, there is plenty of trash to pick up.  The last chore of the day was to load up all the trash from all areas and tote it off.

Once the chores were done, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner and Cool Runnings movie night!

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