My Awesome Husband

Just wanted to say a few words about my favorite person in the whole world- Tony Ross.  Tony and I were married July 11, 1992.  He is and always has been the best decision I ever made.  Marriage is a journey and sometimes the road is rocky.  However, through the growing up and the rough spots, he has always loved me unconditionally and would move heaven and earth to get me what I want.  His friendship to me means everything.

I just had my 39th birthday.  Tony celebrated my day for almost 2 weeks.  The Saturday before my birthday, he took me to dinner at the Texas Land and Cattle Company after taking me to Chamblee’s Rose Nursery where I got to pick out 10 new roses!  He is kind of like an enabler when it comes to my rose addiction.  Then, he bought me a lemon tree and a gorgeous pot in which to plant it. On my actual birthday, which landed in the busiest First Monday of the year, he cooked dinner.  Two weeks after our first dinner, he told me I could order my new laptop!  Wow, he really knows how to show a girl a good time!

In a time when so many women seem to want to point out every flaw and play down the good in their husbands, I want to go on record in saying the good about mine.  He has worked as many hours as needed to ensure that I could be a full-time mom and raise our four children.  He has been my defender and advocate, but has never been afraid to tell me when it was time to grow up.  Forever faithful, he has earned my eternal love and devotion and fierce loyalty.  It’s no wonder that there is no person I like more or admire more than Tony Ross.

My Soulmate

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