Jonathan’s New Friend

Sanannah, being the awesome sister that she is, found Jonathan the perfect Christmas gift.  While at Third Monday Trades Days,McKinney, we ran across a guinea pig for sale.  J has been wanting to get a pet he could hold and love.  Interestingly, Savannah was also the one who bought Jonathan his first pig.  The pigs have been one of Jonathan’s loves.  However, Hamshire hogs don’t make a good house pet.  Not that J did not try.  When his sow, Valentin, had her piglets one was a bit of a runt. 

If you know Jonathan, you know that he is NOT a morning person.  Nothing, aside from a hunting trip, gets him up on his own- much less before 7 am.  But the morning after the piglest arrived, I got up to find Jonathan in the kitchen.  He began to state his case as to why the little piggy needed to be brought in and bottle fed.  As he was talking, I was thinking of all the reasons we did not need a baby pig in the house.  Then I thought, “What is the point in having a farm if the kids don’t get to have any fun.”  So, I said “Ok, go get it”  To which Jonathan replied ” I already did, she is in my room.”  Well, it was in his room, complete with a heat lamp, rubbermaid bin, and hay for bedding.  I was quite surprised, but why should have I been- that is not the first critter to have been brought in the house unbeknownst to me.

J did great for about 2 nights.  Then, the midnight squealing for milk got old.  At which time, he began to put the little pig out in the hall and shut his door hoping that someone else would get tired of the noise and feed the pig.  Of course, someone did and then the someones decided to  put the baby in the loafing shed.  Button was the little pig’s name and Button liked the loafing shed.  Not only did we have to take the pig to visits with grandparents we even took Button camping.  Lots of folks had stories to tell when they went back to work after meeting us at Purtis Creek State Park that weekend! 

Now Jonathan has had a bottle baby pig and he is satisfied. But a guinea pig is just the ticket and he is so happy!  Thanks to Savannah his Christmas has begun a little early. 

Jonathan and Gimlie

Button all grown up

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