Whats in your garden?

I can’t believe that I already have green tomatoes in my garden! I am so excited. Many other veggies are growing also. The peppers (banana, red bell, green bell, and mexibell), eggplant, cucumbers, and squash are all growing great. There are little bitty cukes on the bush types. I did notice flea beetles on the eggplants today- yuck. I had a hard time beating them last year. I will use pepper tea in the morning and if that doesn’t work I will use rotenone. While rotenone is an organic pesticide, it is very strong. It is toxic to pigs and birds. I rarely use this since I like to weed and give the “organic greens” to the pigs and chickens. However, last year the flea beetles were so bad that I did not get one eggplant. So, I must get the upper hand. Given that there is not much in the way of weeds in the beds, I don’t have to worry about the pigs or chickens. The young ducklings I have in a pen won’t be released until the rotenone is passed the danger stage. All in all, it is shaping up to be a great garden.

At the nursery we have vegetable plants for $1.00 each. I hope lots of folks come and get some. Every kid should have the joy of planting something and then getting to pick and eat the food they grew. Thursday is the beginning of the week for us. Thursday- Saturday, 8am until 5:30pm. I look forward to this all week!

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