Getting Ready

Cilantro, Salad Burnett, and Dill in the Garden

Today has been a good day.  Everyday is busy and different when you own your own business and homeschool 3 of your 4 children.  Cheyenne, of course, is no longer under my charge as she has graduated and as of October 19th, she will no longer live under my roof.  Wow, that is going to be strange.

As usual, my day began with my quiet time.  I love to spend my morning time with God down in my garden.  In the garden is where my heart is happy, my soul is satisfied, and my mind is quiet.  One thing is for certain, any day that I start and don’t spend time with my Creator comes of the tracks pretty quick.  Today was especially nice, it was a bit cloudy with a very cool breeze and the cardinals were out and about.  For some reason, when the skies are overcast the red cardinals just really standout against the green foliage.

I have already began to start seeds for spring herbs.  We sold out of everything in flats this year with only some gallon size herbs left for the fall season.  So, I decided to get an early start on the perennial herbs due to the demand.  Salad Burnett is coming along nicely.  Some silly moths that were attracted to the grow light above my fridge (where I start the seeds) decided to lay eggs in the seedlings. These, of course, hatch into little worms who do nothing but eat.  I wondered what was going on with the seedlings and then I spotted the culprits.  So, I squished them and Tony squished them.  Today, I bumped them up into the 4 inch cups and moved them to the greenhouse.  I gave them a good spraying of Bt which will kill the worms but not harm anything else.  Calendula and St Johns Wort are in the seed beds now and just starting to sprout.  With the Salad Burnett moved on to the greenhouse I have another tray to start the seeds so another variety of Calendula went in along with some Wormwood.  Things are off to a good start, I think.  Learning when to start seeds and how long they take to grow has been the biggest challenge of running a nursery.  Take Oregano, that came up quick and then took forever to grow.  So, I learned that the oregano needs to be started in the fall to be big and full for the spring season.

Tomorrow, is the Denton County Garden Fest.  That should be a lot of fun.  I am presenting the herb workshop and the kids are doing a 4H presentation with our farm animals. Needless to say, it will be a busy and long day.  We leave at 5am to get there by 7 am to set up.  The trailer will be hooked up and loaded to night with plants to be sold and animals to be seen.  It is over at three, so an early dinner will be had.

We are also donating a gift basket with our organic salt scrubs.  It only took a few hours to get about 30 jars of it ready.   Of course, I had already harvested and dried the herbs and prepared the herbal oil to be mixed with the salts.  I love the way my kitchen smells when I am preparing any sort of herbal item.  Aromatherapy- no doubt.  No to toot my own horn, but the scrubs I make are every bit as good as Bath & Body and I  love knowing that the herbs were grown right here on our farm.

All of my day is good, I enjoy cooking for my family and doing the laundry.  I know that sounds strange, but I get a deep satisfaction providing for the ones I love.  One of the things I love, but seems to get bumped or re-assigned is feeding the animals.  Rarely is it my job, but when I do it , I am so happy.  The animals really make my heart happy too.  This is a season for me, however; that I don’t get to mess with the animals as much and we have even downsized quite a bit.  I don’t really like that fact but, there is only so much time and energy in a day and I need to be focusing on the nursery and getting things off and growing.

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