Awesome Weekend!

Well, November First Monday is history- and it made history.  This month was a record setting weekend and I am so happy for us and for all the other vendors.  There had been a long dry spell in recent months. However, I must say that I am glad its over!  We are all sore and tired, but its the happy kind of tired.

Today, we got most of our customers booths torn down and put away.  Two of them had to wait until Tuesday morning due to rain and it getting dark so early.  So, I guess First Monday isn’t quite over for us yet.  But, it was a good day.  We got the title to our F250 in the mail.  All our vehicles are paid off!  No more payments is so cool to say.

While Tony, Cheyenne and Savannah were tearing down the booths, Jonathan, Sierra & I were busy with nursery business.  We cleaned out the greenhouse and brought in the banana trees, birds of paradise and other tropical plants.  Cuttings of the Cuban Oregano were taken along with basil, once those root they will be planted in cups and left to grow in the greenhouse until spring.  Sierra loved the work today, she got to drive the car up and down the hill as we moved plants into the greenhouse.  One day we will have a chuck wagon or a mule ATV to do that kind of work, but right not a little Ford Taurus works really well!

In the process of cleaning up around the greenhouse, I found a little garden snake.  For those who know me, you know that this will usually send me into a fit.  However, I must be growing past my fear of snakes because I caught it and let the kids play with it.  I did have to draw the line at Sierra sitting next to me while letting the snake wind through her fingers!  That gives me the willies!

Also, I got the email letting me know that our chicks had shipped and should arrive in the morning.  We are really excited!  Jonathan and Sierra helped  me get the brooder box ready.  We will keep them inside for a week and then they move outside to the brooder house.  All the chirping is so sweet.  They are so funny to watch.  90% of the chicks will be settled down into a corner sleeping and then one will hop up and run all over the top of all the sleeping ones, of course then they all hop up and run around.  Once the surprise has worn off they will all stop and look around like “What was that all about?”.  Then, they will settle down to sleep and it will happen all over again.

So, we worked hard again today but it felt good to get the house back in order, laundry done, and the kitchen clean.  Each month we prove the law of physics true that states that anything left to itself will deteriorate.  Even when no one is home the kitchen gets wrecked, go figure.

As you can see, it is a little snake but it is a snake all the same!

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