So, I did a Thing…

I wrote a book.

Yep, a whole book.

Now, I am a writer and I have the rejection letters to prove it!

For real, I really have finished a manuscript, it’s a romance. Now before you go rolling your eyes- everybody loves a romance and a happy ending. The posts I make on our anniversary proves it along with the comments I get on social media when I post about the love of my life that I married 28 years ago.

That being said, not everyone is convinced that my book is the next big thing. LOL I am beginning the process of intentionally building a platform for me, as an author, to run my writing career like a business. So, all the support you can give me by liking my posts and sharing them to social media will be GREATLY appreciated!

For those of you that have been with me for years, this blog won’t change a great deal (except that I will be posting regularly- ha!) because the heroes and heroines of my books love food, herbs, gardening and family. So, I will post recipes from the books, continue to share gardening tips and herbal goodness, along with excerpts from the book.This handsome guy with me- you see his picture a lot because he is what inspires me to tell our love story- in a whole lot of ways.

If you are new here, come on in and pull up a chair.

I love writing just as much as I love reading. I want to take you with me, into my head, where all these cool people live. I want you to be able to leave the stress of this world and enjoy time where you KNOW it will all work out in the end. And maybe this will bring you hope that whatever you face will also work out in the end.

My girls, the Pride of Galveston, are fierce and loyal. They love Jesus, but they cuss a little and drink a little. It takes strong men to walk by their sides and love them in all their glory. They are real, not perfect but they know who they are and make no apologies.

I am working to bring Brett and Alex’s story to you. Brett lost her husband and now runs her self-made empire on her own. Alex comes in to protect Brett when a contract is taken out on her live. He thinks he knows what he is getting into but soon learns Brett is a complex puzzle. Fireworks fly and everyone gets their happy ending.

More to come on Brett’s story later.

So here we go!

I have no idea what I am doing, really but that has never stopped me before!

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