Introducing: Herb & Sea Home

Have you wondered where I have been?  Have you wondered what I have been up to?

Maybe, or maybe not.

You may have read my post on my facebook page, that we were relocating to Galveston, Texas or you might not have seen that, and lets be real- you might not have cared!

But just in case you do care- I thought I would share with you this brand new- sort of – blog and site.  It’s brand new because I have never lived by the sea before and it’s not new because I haven’t deleted any of my old blog posts.

So. Here. We. Go!

Officially, we moved to Galveston Texas in September of this year (2018).  So many of you were surprised and to be honest, so were we.  I have loved this island for many years and my second daughter moved here when she married her love three years ago.  Many hours were spent dreaming of what it would be like to live in a town steeped in history with a view of the waves whenever I wanted it.

Well, now I know and I LOVE it!

Even though I dreamed about it, I did not really think it would happen and certainly not at this time in our lives.  But, God had other plans and the doors opened up for us to make the move and we took the chance!

But what to do about Hollyberry Herb Farm?  Many of you have asked that very question and others have asked if we would be at the garden shows come spring and I have been hesitant to answer.  I hated to disappoint you and I hated the idea that the season of Hollyberry Herb Farm might be over.

However, after sitting and pondering the options ( most of this done while sitting with the waves lapping at my feet- don’t hate me) I had to accept the fact that this was a new season and I could not bring everything from the former season with me.

So, the answer to”what will we do with the farm?” was we will sell it.  And we did.

“Will you be at the garden conferences and shows?” the answer is “No, we will not”

But the answer to “will you still teach on herbs?” is YES!

And that is where this blog comes in!  I still love my herbs, use them every day, and want to share them with anyone and everyone who it interested. So, here is where I can share those things with you!

Also, I want to share my journey of learning to live in a coastal town with the sea just yards away from my front door and the harbour just yards away from my back door.  I can even hear the ships as they blow their horns when they enter the harbor.  Gardening is different down here and I am looking forward to learning about a new climate and weather conditions- I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

Online classes are in the works and more videos are on the way!

If you want to join me in this journey, then all you have to do is follow this blog!  Just enter your email in the field at the side, you will receive an email whenever a new blog post arrives.  You can also like our Facebook page, also a field at the side of the page.

By commenting at the bottom of the blog posts, you can interact with me.  As a matter of fact, you can comment below and tell me something you would like to know about the world of herbs!

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Herb & Sea Home

  1. We sure will miss you at the Waxahachie Expo this year! Looking forward to following you and learning how to grow herbs in the seacoast environment..

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