What a wonderful weekend for a market- check out what has been happening on the farm this week.

The Newsletter of Hollyberry Herb Farm

We certainly have had a busy week around the farm.  Monday found us covering up as the cold, for one last time,  descended upon us.  Tuesday warmed up so that the plants under cover almost fried before I uncovered them and then we had to re-cover everything as it was still a cold night.  But, it was worth it as we did not loose any of our warm season plants such as tomatoes and squash.

Now, on with the blooms, sunshine, and growth!

Wednesday found us at my grandmother’s house for fishing and gardening.  Grandmother is in her eighties and still gardens every day.  Whenever I am there, we always walk the gardens to see what is blooming.  Now that the daffodils and other bulbs are done blooming I have begun to did out a start of each kind for my own gardens.  This helps me and her as…

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