Our First Workshop

I love to teach classes on herbs, organic gardening, composting, and the like.  This summer we hosted our first workshops at the farm.  I sent out the emails, e-vites, posted on facebook, and hung up flyers.  I was so excited when Kathy, a sweet lady who heard me speak at the Greenville Farmer’s Market, emailed to sign up!  She also brought her sister, Judy, and we had a great time.

The first workshop was about making herbal oils and vinegar both for culinary and medicinal uses.  We took a tour of the herb garden and discussed the herbs at length.  When folks of a common mind get together time just flies by, we had so much to talk about and plenty to do.  At the end of the class both Kathy and Judy choose the oil they wanted to make, cut the herbs to make it and then put it together.  I hope they like the results in 10 days when the oils are finished steeping.

The following Saturday container gardens were the subject of the day and all manner of containers and soil were discussed.  Under the shade of the Sweet Gum trees we planted container gardens with herbs grown by us and chosen by Kathy and Judy.  After filling their basket with the planting medium the herbs were tucked in their new home, watered in with worm wine and went to their new homes.

I completely enjoyed myself and really like getting to know these sweet ladies.  More classes are scheduled and will be offered in the fall as well.  Some might be discouraged that only two attended, but I am not.  You gotta start somewhere and I couldn’t have asked for better folks with which to begin.  Now, when you see me with my own show just remember I started with two ladies at a workshop…



8 thoughts on “Our First Workshop

  1. we had a great time at both of these workshops. holly is such a great teacher. looking forward to more workshops with her.

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