Effie The Pig

Around the farm, we love all of our animals but the pigs have probably made their way to the top of our favorites list.  Our first pig was Sir Francis Bacon, he was so smart and good tempered that we couldn’t help but love him.  Several pigs of come and gone (and filled the freezer with the best ham, bacon, and pork chops you ever had!), but we love them all.

Effie The Pig is our current porcine in residence. She does a wonderful job of converting all our kitchen scraps and leftovers into lovely ham and bacon.  She is the first pig to be used as the resident tiller.  Since we moved to the new farm, I (actually the kids and my wonderful husband, Tony) move her pen once she has cleared the current pen of all vegetation. In each of these areas I will plant vegetable crops and take advantage of all the good fertilizer she has left behind. The pig waterer I made for her is working great and I love it!

effie first pen

This area is the first spot where her pen was, as you can see there isn’t anything left.  The pig pen has not been in this spot in over a week, with plenty of rain, we should be seeing some green if there was anything left to sprout.

effie second pen

This is the second spot that Effie has called home.  We just moved her pen before this picture was taken.  As you can tell, we have had lots of rain lately- not that Effie the Pig minds the mud!

effie in new pen

Her new pen- this is what the other pen spots looked like before she got busy.  It takes her only 48 hours to take all the green stuff down but I leave her in there another couple of days so that she will eat all the roots a well.  I get tickled every time I look at the window and see her buried almost up to her back.  No roots stand a chance when she is tilling.  For that matter, no moles stand a chance either.  I have personally witnessed her eating two.  I looked over after planting some tomatoes and saw her flip her head up and gulp it down.  Nature is a tough place to live.  Maybe I will call her Effie the Eliminator…

Jonathan is good at driving t-posts and loves his pig.
Jonathan is good at driving t-posts and loves his pig.
Savannah is filling Effie's waterer.
Savannah is filling Effie’s waterer.


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