Our First Wholesale Customer!

Spring is such a busy time around any farm.  With all the clearing and planting that needs to be done it can be crazy.  When your business is one that involves selling the plants to the folks who are busy planting, spring business can take on a whole new dimension.  One of the goals of Hollyberry Herb Farm is to eventually be a wholesale dealer of organic herbs.  So, I am proud to announce that we have our fist wholesale customer!

green grocer

This is a great grocery store offering local produce, pastured meats and poultry as well as household items such as soaps and such. The owners are a wonderful couple who are committed to providing “real” food.   They are great to work with and really do support the “little guy”.  Definitely a unique place to shop and a wonderful way to support small business and small farmers.  If you are ever in Dallas, stop by and check it out- You will be glad you did!


12 thoughts on “Our First Wholesale Customer!

  1. Yay! So excited!

    I used to work and help run my best friend’s business Fresh Mushroom Farm. We sold exotic herbs and produce, not just mushrooms, to the better restaurants in St. Louis, along with wholesale grocers. I know just what you’re up against. We started with 1 customer and it grew and grew. God, I loved my job there. Mostly because it was personal and I loved making it grow and I loved my customers. Have fun! I know you will 😉

      1. It was fun to grow mushrooms… although if you DO decide to do this, know that 50% of your calls will go like this “Hey, dude, do you grow magic shrooms, maaan?”. lmbo We grew shiitakes and had all other “shrooms” imported. It was fun 🙂

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