Spring is Springing

You know when you have on of those days that just seem disjointed and purposeless?  Well, today was one of those days for me.  My outlook did improve as the day went on.  Maybe it was tied to the weather.  For a day that started off rainy and cold (for Texas), it really finished off beautifully.  The sun came out and warmed us all up to around 70′.

Tuesday, I finished the pig waterer, yesterday Tony and I bought a new trailer and then made a run to an herb grower.  I am growing a lot, but not as much as we need for the whole season.  So, there are a few who I trust their methods and buy from them.  Our first sale is Easter weekend, so the spring season is upon us.  I am excited about that!

Duckie, our Boykin Spaniel, sitting by the Sweet Olive.
Duckie, our Boykin Spaniel, sitting by the Sweet Olive.

All over the gardens, things are coming back to life.  I cleaned out some of the herb beds and while doing so I kept noticing the faintest scent, so sweet and pleasant.  It took me a moment but then I placed it- Sweet Olive.  There is no better shrub for adding a wonderful scent to your home.  The scent of the Sweet Olive will rival any Gardenia, but the Sweet Olive will bloom from September until it gets hot in May or June.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

The chickens got some treats today.  Usually all the kitchen scraps got to Effie the Pig who converts them into lovely ham and bacon.  But since Effie the Pig had already gotten a bucketful, when I cleaned out the fridge I decided that the chickens deserved the treats.  The flock has not gotten as much free ranging time due to the fact that a lot of my seedlings are in low tunnel hoop houses that are accessible to the birds if they tried.  So, for another 2 weeks or so, they are only allowed out in the late afternoon.


The Girls went crazy for the kitchen goodies.
The Girls went crazy for the kitchen goodies.

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