Easy Breezy

Farm dog- Eowyn and the daffodils
Farm dog- Eowyn and the daffodils

The weather the last few days has just been wonderful- cloudy with the sun peeking through from time to time, breezy and just warm enough to be so very comfortable.  Our windows have been open and the air is cool, humid from the misting rains and reminiscent of summer evenings.  The summer evenings that arrive in April and May, sometimes in June then it gets HOT and even the evening air is hot.  So for now, in February, we will enjoy this warm and breezy weather.

Today I bumped the last of the basil- for now.  The basil that I could not remember in the last post is Bolloso Napoletano- I love the way that name feels in my mouth.  I have no idea what the basil is like but I would pick it again just because of the name.  It is not uncommon for me to choose vegetables just because of the names.  Drunken Woman lettuce was one such purchase, but a good one- it tastes great!  That name just makes me smile maybe even giggle.

Tony will be home tomorrow and we will be busy moving the animals to their new land that we have leased.  Another greenhouse will be started, we are smooth out of room around here.  Savannah asked me the day I bumped 24 trays of Holy Basil alone, “Did you mean to grow this many plants?”  Well, yes and no.  Yes, I intended to grow plants to sell- this is our business of course- but no, I had no idea that 3 packets of Holy Basil seeds would produce nearly 500 plants.

As I am spending so much time outside, dinner have gotten very simple.  Tonight was homemade pizza, I found a great recipe in a magazine that has the dough rising in the fridge for 3 hours to overnight.  This is my kind of thing this time of year.  I can mix it together in the morning when I am full of fire and then in the evening when I am pooped all that is needed is some simple assembly and a hot oven.  I wasn’t going to post many of these recipes I am using these days because they are not really that interesting.  However, they are from scratch and healthy and simplicity is something that everyone needs from time to time. So, the dough recipe will be posted shortly, it only has about 4 ingredients and three steps in making it.

I have begun to make a pot of soup at the beginning of each week now, not for dinner but for having for lunch.  I am not one for liking leftovers, but I do like soup.  With a pot made up I can simply warm up a bowl full when I come in for lunch this makes my day so much more simple.  Sierra loves soup, too- but mainly for the broth.  She loves french bread dipped in a good broth of any kind.  She is so much like me it can be a little scary.  Last night I was being quite a smart mouth to Tony and then pouting when I didn’t get my way- He looked at me and said, “She acts just like you”  Yep.  And he spoiled both of us.

If you would like further evidence of this check out this Homemade Soup recipe- the accompanying story of how I made it when I was 5 is pretty funny- if I do say so myself.


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