Lamp Berger- Oh My…

In a quaint shop in downtown Mineola, Texas I was introduced to the world of Lamp Berger.  The shop owner was so passionate about this lamp with the special burner on top that could clean the air in your house.  Not just make it smell wonderful (which it does), but actually clean the germs and odors out.  Having four children ages 9 and under at the time, we were constantly dealing with them “sharing” things- never toys or anything helpful like that.  I was intrigued by this lamp and Tony confirmed the owner’s claims of this burner having been used in hospitals to clean the rooms before operating, he learned about it in paramedic school.

That lamp was the best purchase I ever made.  My youngest was 18 months old at the time, and once I started burning the lamp for only 15 minutes per day, we never had a green runny nose again.  No kidding- I did not think it was possible to raise a preschooler without those sort of runny noses.  Needless to say, I did not miss them.  Ever since then we keep oil for the lamp on hand and always use it if someone is under the weather.  Of course, given the wonderful scents available for the lamp we burn it every day making doctor visits much more uncommon.

If you are familiar with buying candles that cost just a few bucks to keep your house smelling nice, then the prices of the lamps may seem a little expensive.  However, you need to think of this as an investment in your health.  The “basic” models are simple and attractive with the “fancy” models being something of a work of art.  Prices vary widely depending on what you are looking for in the style.  Purchase one for yourself and you will be glad you did it.

Also, there are oils available that are neutral- meaning that there is no noticeable scent making this a good choice even for those who are sensitive to perfumes and such.  However, for those of you who love wonderful scents, there are so many to choose from, making for a tough decision at times.

My lamp that I bought 10 years ago- what a great buy.
My lamp that I bought 10 years ago- what a great buy.

Please don’t be fooled by other lamps with lovely oils- these are not going to clean germs out of your air.  You need the real deal.

For more information and to find a dealer near you- Lamp Berger Official Site

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