What Was I Thinking?

My 3 very smart daughters.  I have a very smart son as well, but he is just as hen-pecked as me so I don't include him in my gripes.
My 3 very smart daughters. I have a very smart son as well, but he is just as hen-pecked as me so I don’t include him in my gripes.

When I was expecting my babies I prayed, like most mothers, that my child would be smart.  What was I thinking?  Well, I was ignorant.  I thought wouldn’t it be lovely to have that smart child that was quick to catch on to things, that could make good grades, and be successful.  What I did not realize was just how much of a pain it would be to raise smart children!

When you have smart children you can’t sneak stuff by them- like hiding in a closet to eat Chips Ahoy cookies- they know.  As they watch you doing a task they are so quick to offer advice and point out your every failure.  I have lived almost 20 years with some squirt second guessing my every move and telling just how much better they could get things done than I could.  This third child of mine is especially cheeky- the major rub is usually because she does come up with better ideas than me.  Just today, she came into my bedroom and asked, “Are you going to get ready?” She was ready to go to run our errands and I was busy on my phone.  I informed her that I would get ready whenever I was bloody well ready and until then I would be on facebook!  Just who does she think she is?  So what did I do?  I got up and got dressed.  She is such a stinker, but one smart cookie!

All fussing aside, I am grateful for having smart kids even if they get on my last nerve.  We did have a good time getting the tire changed on the car and visiting my grandmother, their great-grandmother.  I have lived most of my life within 15 minutes of her.  Clara June has been the best grandmother anyone could hope for.  At 81 she is very active, gardening everyday and cooking great food.  It is from her that I have inherited my love of cooking and gardening.  The house she lives in was once my great-grandmothers house- there is so much comfort that comes from just pulling in the driveway.  As I headed down the country road that I know as well as my own face, I knew that there would be something blooming in her yard.  And there was, the Paperwhites have started the early spring melody that will crescendo in April with all sort of blooms and blossoms, I love to see those bulbs bloom.  Once these little beauties poke out of the ground, you can know that spring is just around the corner.

Cheyenne & Grandmother working in the flower beds.
Cheyenne & Grandmother working in the flower beds.

The weather today  was typical Texas spring- temps in the 70’s winds gusting heavy with humidity showing that a change was headed out way.  A cool front was passing through but the warm humid air did not go quietly.  All of a Texas winter (in my part of Texas, anyway) is basically summer not wanting to leave and hanging on for dear life while winter battles for control.  This results in balmy weather one day, snow and sleet the next or maybe in the same day.  Up and down like a yo-yo.  Finally, winter gives up and retreats leaving summer to resume it’s reign.  By April we will be back in the 80’s and maybe some low 90’s with May bringing 90’s- the last two summers we have seen triple digit temps in May.  Let’s hope that is not the case this year.

We worked in the morning filling transplant trays with compost and I bumped a few seedlings- only 120- before the storms ran us inside.  Wednesday will bring more sunshine and cooler temps.  On with the planting, March is coming soon and our selling season begins.

Beautiful Paperwhites on January 29th.
Beautiful Paperwhites on January 29th.

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