How To Make An Herb Infused Oil

Filling a large jar with citronella to make an infused oil.
Filling a large jar with citronella to make an infused oil.

There are many reasons for making an infused oil and all are great.  Really, the infused oils fall into two categories- for culinary purposes or medicinal purposes- because of all the great benefits of herbs, any  oil used for culinary purposes gets to double as a medicinal oil.  Either way, infused oils are made the same way- and it is simple.

You will need:

1 qt jar- clean and DRY

Desired herb

desired oil- I like to use olive oil, it is good for you and easily available.

Place 1/3 cup of dried herb in the jar, add enough oil to the jar to fully cover the herb.  Check jar after a few hours to make sure the herb material has not soaked up the oil and left any of the herbs exposed.  If this has happened, add more oil to cover herbs.  Make certain that your jar and all utensils are dry as moisture will ruin your oil.

Cover the jar with a piece of cotton cloth, cheese cloth or an unbleached coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band.  Do not cap with a lid yet as the herbs may release gasses that can blow the lid off.  The results would be awful to clean up!  Let the oil infuse on a sunny window seal or the kitchen counter for at least 10 days.

After that time, strain out herb matter and discard to the compost pile.

The resulting oil can be stored in a glass bottle at room temperature for up to one year.

Citronella oil ready to steep.  Always label with name and date- leave nothing to chance!
Citronella oil ready to steep. Always label with name and date- leave nothing to chance!

Suggestions for medicinal oil-

  • Mullein for ear pain.- add a drop to the hurting ear.
  • Calendula will sooth and heal skin
  • Lemon Balm will help to sooth the nervous system.
  • Simply rub oil on skin and let your skin absorb the oil and use the herbal goodness.

Suggestion for Culinary Oil-

  • Lemon Pepper Oil- zest of one lemon, 2 tsp of multicolored peppercorns, 1 cup of olive oil
  • Garlic, Chili, and Oregano
  • Parsley and Cilantro
  • Basil and Garlic

There are so many combinations so explore and be creative!


3 thoughts on “How To Make An Herb Infused Oil

  1. What an excellent post. I shall have to give these a try. While I have no outside space, my little village on the Mediterranean is filled with wild herbs and so much more. Oregano Oil is also a wonderful antibiotic and the only one I’ve used in decades.

    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

    1. How amazing that your wild spaces have such a treasure of herbs! We have used herbs as our medicine for many years now. Oregano is powerful! And, it makes our food taste wonderful.

      1. Oregon is lovely. I started out in life in southern California but went through Oregon many times to visit family in Washington and Canada. I left California nearly twelve years ago for the south of France. Our region is the largest grape growing region in the Country and France is big on wine. Around here if you find a vineyard, there are usually blackberries and many other herbs growing wildly. I’m still eating blackberries I froze last year and it won’t be long until the next crop is ready. Yes Oregano is excellent and I always have some on hand. If I need rosemary, thyme or anything else for what I am making, all I have to do is walk outside. Herbs and spices are a treasured part of a vegans diet. Thanks again.

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