My Honey Isn’t Feeling Too Good…

Tony loves to hunt.
Tony loves to hunt.

Tony has been sick, to be honest sometimes it is hard for me to be compassionate when he is sick.  The trouble arises from the fact that when I am sick, Tony totally deviates from his usual way.  Normally, Tony would go to the moon and back if I wanted something.  I am spoiled and I know it.  But when I am sick it is a whole different story.  He can be such a jerk.  For example, when I had just had my wisdom teeth cut out and we were in the car on the way home, he looks over at me and asks “What’s for dinner?”  Given that I had cotton packs stuffed up in my mouth, I had to resort to sign language to reply….  Tony doesn’t know sign language but I am pretty sure he understood and nothing was lost in translation.

Well, we have both come a long way since then.  Tony is a great guy and for those of you that know me- you know that he puts up with a lot more than I do.  Thankfully, he is on the rebound and didn’t get as bad as I was two weeks ago.  And I must say, Tony was perfectly sweet during that time.  He took off yesterday but was back work.  I was glad for him to get home.

Sierra and I made a trip to the library today.  We stopped at Old Navy, she didn’t find anything.  She is going to be a page in Austin, our capital this spring and we are looking for business professional clothes.  But when you are tiny and long legged that can be a tall order.

Herbs were bumped today- Borage, Milk Thistle, Annis-Hyssop,  and Dill are now in 4 inch cups.  More Dill, Basil, Mullein and more are waiting for me on Wednesday.

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