This Week Is Off & Running

Jonathan & I feeding the new calves.
Jonathan & I feeding the new calves.

Well, Monday dawned bright and clear and found Tony and me headed down the road.  We were headed to Jersey Girl Raw Milk dairy to purchase our new Jersey calves.  I love that drive, small Farm to Market Roads winding  though rolling hills and woods.  It is a lovely part of Texas and a drive through it for any reason is like therapy.

We picked the little fellows up and headed back to our farm.  I have a full blog post coming about them, but I am too tired to write it tonight.  Once the calves were settled in their stalls, I started in on Monday’s chore list.  Laundry was done, linens were washed and hung out to dry (where they are still because I forgot to bring them in…)  All the stuff that gets all over the house was picked up and put back where it belongs.  Homeschooling was done and the run to the feed store was made.

On Sunday, I started sorting my recipes that had been collected over time.  This is the second set of sorting to be done on my recipe book.  In the first sorting I pulled out all the recipes I had actually cooked and liked and grouped them in a new binder.  The others were left in the old binder to be dealt with later.  Later  had arrived and I sorted them out by category and had them all over the table.  Paperclips came out today and I clipped each category together to be integrated into the current binder at a later date.  As  I sorted, I was wondered how I could possibly have this many recipes.  Then it dawned on me- I was a foodie before there was such a term.  There was no Food Network, I faithfully watched the Frugal Gourmet, Nathalie Dupree, and Burt Wolf everyday on PBS.  I still have hand-written recipes that I scribbled down while they cooked.  20 years of recipe collecting and developing leads to a lot of recipes.  Now those are being tamed into a functional book that my kids will fight over when I am gone (whatever). Now the dining table is of use for meals again.

Chef Jonathan- making fried pork chops.
Chef Jonathan- making fried pork chops.

Once the house was back in order, I headed out to get groceries at Sam’s.  I do like that shopping trip and this time I was alone- how unusual and how nice.  When I returned home about 7:30, dinner was being finished.  Jonathan (my eleven year old son) had made fried pork chops and hand-cut french fries with his own seasoning mix a green salad rounded out the meal.  That boy loves to cook, he is the only one of my four who is by my side every time I cook.  He is quite good at it, too!  Grilled pork chops were on the menu but the grill ran out of gas.  It is nice to see that he can be flexible, as well.  Tony did help him out a bit, the burner was too high and the pan started to smoke.  He is still learning.

Now to bed, Tuesday brings bottle feeding, a trip to the library and lots of planting in the greenhouse.



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