Monday- Surprise, Surpise, Surprise!

Not that it is ever easy to get out of bed on a Monday when the alarm goes off, but today was really tough.  For one thing, it was just so dark so it couldn’t be time to get up.  When I did pull myself out of the bed to let the dog out, I saw why- there was snow and sleet everywhere!  The cloud cover kept the sun from shinning to tell us to get up!  What a surprise, the weather forecast had no mention of the white stuff.

Sierra hates the cold.  Jonathan likes it, so Sierra made him a sweet deal and he did her chores for her.  That left her to put her fleece PJ’s back on and help me with breakfast.  This kind of morning calls for a farmhouse breakfast- fresh eggs, bacon, hash-browns, homemade biscuits, and gravy.  Yum, Yum, that is my kind of food!  Tony came in from unloading hay and we all had a good breakfast together.  Homeschooling & a home-based business let us have fun in the morning.

The first bloom in the greenhouse- Calendula Pacific saying "Hello"
The first bloom in the greenhouse- Calendula Pacific saying “Hello”

I had hoped to fill all the trays with compost, but that will have to wait for a bit better weather.  So, I made myself busy in the greenhouse.  Once the sun came up the temps in the greenhouse were quite comfortable.  All the Calendula Pacific in four inch cups were bumped to 1 gallon pots.  It feels good to get those done.  Now, there is more room for the seedlings coming up.  Dill and Mullein sprouted almost overnight and are already in the greenhouse working on their real leaves.  As soon those real leaves are present, they will move up to 4 inch cups.

This was the first Monday to be a “regular” Monday since before the holidays.  It was nice to get up and finish laundry, do our homeschooling, and farm work.

How was your Monday?

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