Making Hard Cheese- A Great Class

Is this not beautiful?
Is this not beautiful?

I spent Saturday at Falster Farms in Winnsboro, Texas learning how to make hard cheese.  Nancy Falster taught the class and she and her husband, Karl, own and operate Falster Farms- a sustainable family farm growing food that is “fit to eat.”  These are great people who are passionate about living in such a way that there is a better piece of land left for the ones who come behind them and in the mean time, they are raising and growing wonderful food.

I learned so much in this class about food in general.  Nancy shared so much more than just steps A-D, so to speak.  Not only did we learn the process of making hard cheese, we made several soft cheeses, learned of ways to preserve the cheese and got to sample several different kinds.  There is a whole world of cheese out there and I am so excited about getting into it!  Now, after the class, I feel that I can order the cheese making supplies with confidence knowing what each ingredient is and what it’s purpose is in the process.  Nancy also shared some tips on choosing equipment such as presses and thermometers, of course lots of experience that was gained from what didn’t go as planned.

Chef Nancy Falster at work on the cheese.
Chef Nancy Falster at work on the cheese.

One of the best parts of the class was lunch or dinner you would call it if you are from the South.  Dinner happens mid-day and super is the evening meal.  It was so good, a Shepard’s pie made from grass-fed beef raised on their farm, local sweet potatoes and other goodness.  One of her class helpers and good friend brought this heavenly homemade bread to share with us.  The bread was just as gorgeous as it was delicious and we even got the recipe.  There was a wonderful salad and of course some great cheese.  Desert was wonderful, this blueberry thing that I can’t remember the name, but it was so good.  One thing that we all tried was fermented food- onions, radishes, relishes and such, done in the whey left from the cheese making process.  I had never had this before and not only did it taste good, I learned about all the health benefits of live food.

This bread was so good!  I could have made a meal out of the bread and cheese.
This bread was so good! I could have made a meal out of the bread and cheese.

Needless to say, the class is certainly worth the money and the drive.  We started at 9:30 and the class was wrapped up about 2:30.  There were about 10 of us and we all had such a good time.  Friendships were made and knowledge shared.  We chatted about raising honeybees and learned that cows like cabbage- but only the first bite out of every head in the garden!  Chef Nancy also teaches cooking classes and she and Karl offer consulting services for those interested in sustainable farming practices.  You can learn from all they have learned in their years of farming.  So, if you are looking for a cheese class, I suggest you give Nancy Falster a call!  You can reach her at chef@SouthernGrace.Biz .

Do you make cheese?  What is your favorite cheese?  Feel free to share!


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