That Just Made My Day

These two roomates are into sharing.
These two roomates are into sharing.

On Friday, a gentleman came to pick up the chickens that he had purchased from me.  As we walked to the chickens house he said to me, “This is just like my grandfather’s farm.  He had a little of everything.  I love it.”

This fellow was old enough to my grandfather so this put his grandfather pretty far back there in history.  What he described was a diversified family farm producing what the family needed.  It thrilled my soul to have someone remember a family farm from childhood because of what they saw on my place.  I meet the nicest people.

The next day, I attended a cheese making class at Falster Farms in Winnsboro, Texas.  This was a great class with pictures and blog to come.  I had arrived and sat down at the table and a very nice couple came in.  The lady took a good look at me and exclaimed, “Oh, it’s you!”  Well, when you have a tendency of speaking your mind before you mind has fully engaged this sort of statement can cause you to do a very quick file search trying to place why this new person would remember you.  She then said, “I bought salt scrub from you at Living From The Ground Up.  It is the best I ever used!”  Well, that just made my day.

Herbal salt scrub made with organic herbs grown here at Hollyberry Herb Farm.
Herbal salt scrub made with organic herbs grown here at Hollyberry Herb Farm.

I, personally, thought my scrub was the best I had used and had tested it on my friends and family.  My sister raved about it and that gave me the confidence to begin to sell it.  But still, when your name is on something, literally, it is worrisome that someone will not be pleased with your product.  So, to have someone be so pleased with what you have made is a great feeling.

I have been working on my Etsy shop and learning how to put paypal buttons on my website to enable purchases to be made.  I expect that by the end of January, I will be up and running in the arena of internet sales.

2 thoughts on “That Just Made My Day

    1. Both are great for exfoliating, but the salts have healing properties that the sugar does not. In my scrub I use a combination of sea salts and Epsom salts so the skin is nourished as well as exfoliated. The salt will sting cuts and scrapes, but they heal up a lot faster. Thanks!

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