Another Day on the Farm

The last of the tomatoes ripening on the window sill.
The last of the tomatoes ripening on the window sill.

The chicken spaghetti is done and Jonathan and I are waiting on Tony to get home.  Urgent Care is a busy place these days.  I guess I am not the only one who is trying to get well.  Tony has been working a lot lately as the number of patients seen in a day keeps setting new records.  At least their “busy season” doesn’t conflict with the farm’s busy season.

Last night I ordered another round of seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  The are not the only seed company that I order from, but they are my favorite.  The seed is always of good quality with excellent germination and good, strong plants that result.  Along with more herbs, this order contained all the seeds for veggie seedlings we will carry this spring.  It is hard to believe that it is already time to start those seeds!  I can’t wait.  I know to rest during this time of the year because I will need it, but I long for spring and the growing season.  For now, the wonderful smell and lovely green color of hundreds of seedlings in the greenhouse will hold me over.

I went to bed with expectations of having a very productive day today.  However, after a night of coughing fits and little sleep I had a very hard time of getting going.  I did clean out the China hutch and put away a lot of odds and ends that had turned up on the work table.  Jonathan cleaned out the entertainment center and collected a stack of movies to be sold at Half Price Books.  So, while not the day of cleaning I had hoped for, progress was made.The utility room is in my cross-hairs, that room is the first one we see when we come home and the last thing we see when we leave.  So, it is important that that room be well organized and visually appealing- at this time it is neither.  I hope to correct that on Thursday.

Little Herbs just emerging, these will soon grace our customer's gardens.
Little Herbs just emerging, these will soon grace our customer’s gardens.

Thankfully, there were no animal fatalities today.  All the animals are doing fine and getting very furry with their winter coats.  Sometime within the next month we should have goat kids.  We just love goat babies!  They are just so cute.  And of course, goat kids also means fresh goat milk!  Awesome stuff, that lovely white liquid.  Next Tuesday we plan to have a work day and clean up the barn stalls and prep for kidding season.  On my list for tomorrow is to call the feed store in Emory to check on the price of bulk feed.  We can take our own containers and have them filled, wit  the price being cheaper that way.  We used to purchase the feed like this, but I am not certain why we stopped.  Could have been the fact that while Tony was a flight medic, his days off were so hard to come by and then he would be so tired it was just too much trouble.  We are coming up on the second anniversary of his retirement our beginning the nursery.  Hard to believe how fast the time can go by.  It is also obvious that we are just now finding our stride again after that huge change.  I look forward to what the future holds.

We have had some much needed rain over that past several days.  I am happy to work inside on these gray days.  Once the sun pokes it’s head out again I will be in the green house.  The seedlings that have sprouted are now ready to be bumped into the 4 inch cups where they will reside until purchase.  Then, the next round of seeds will go into the trays.

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