My Tuesday

Nothing like a little Mario Kart on the wii.
Nothing like a little Mario Kart on the wii.

I am not really sure where the day went, but it went.  The morning began with my quiet time and yoga, as do most days.  Oddly enough the house has stayed picked up and clean without much effort- I can’t explain it but I am grateful.  Maybe that is why the day seemed to move at a relaxed pace, I just didn’t have as much house work to do.

This morning came with a craving for blueberries.  There is a great muffin recipe that has a strudel on top that we all love.  I, however, don’t make muffins I pour the batter into a cast iron skillet and bake it like one gigantic muffin.  I save steps and energy whenever I can so unless there is a need for muffins, the batter goes into a cast iron skillet. My muffin pan does not go unused, however.  My biscuit recipe makes a wet dough and instead of adding flour, rolling it out, and cutting out the biscuits- I just spoon it into the muffin pan and bake.  Viola!  Easy homemade biscuits.  As a matter of fact, I had a mother of  my daughter’s  friend call and ask for the recipe because her daughter went home talking about how good they were.  That kind of thing thrills my southern soul.  Southern cooks come wired with a desire to feed people well, there is no greater compliment than to have a recipe request.

We have nibbled on the over-sized muffin all day.  Jonathan & I were on our own today as the girls moved the horses down to Jacksonville.  This should work better since the kids visit their grandparents and this will making riding the horses much more convenient.  I worked on the computer all day while Jonathan played video games.  I have learned to use photobucket, to edit photos in a cool way, changed up widgets on the blog, and updated my website.  This computer work is exhausting- I would much rather put in 10 hours in the greenhouses and gardens.  I also had the pleasure of watching Madagascar 3 with Jonathan.  I get so tickled at the way he laughs out loud.  Love those moments.

As I type this, Jonathan just made the comment that hamburgers sound really good.  Tony and I just looked at him and shook our heads- the boy just ate half the meatloaf.  My how a growing boy can eat.  Tonight’s dinner of meatloaf, broccoli and cheese, and saffron rice was quite good.  Dinner had to be prepared around all the herbs I gathered yesterday.  The herbs need to dry and I have run out of room to hang them.  Wednesday is the day I plan to dry the in the oven and get herbs into storage bags.  These days our home-based business takes up a lot of the home.  One day there will be a workroom just for herbs and such but until then we just make do.

Now, to go cuddle on the couch with Tony.  NCIS is calling my name- so is a hot herbal bath.

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