The Dallas Farmer’s Market

Sierra and Jonathan

Yesterday was a fun family outing.  The kids love to go to the Dallas Farmer’s Market.  It is such a paradox to me that these country kids like to go in to “the big city” and go to the Farmer’s Market.  But it is fun.  If you haven’t ever gone to the Dallas Farmer’s Market you should.  This place holds a lot of fond memories for me and my cousins and my family as our family was once one of the farmers setting up under the sheds offering the fruit of our labor to those that did not have the privilege of growing their own food.  Perhaps this is why my kids and myself are drawn to the market- it is in our DNA.  My great-grand parents and several of my aunts and uncles were truck farmers.

We enjoy walking around the four huge sheds where local farmers, growers and wholesalers bring all the produce.  In recent years, the market has made some changes and there is one shed that is designated for only local farmers and Texas growers.  This really helps if you are trying to buy from local farmers to help sustain our local food shed.  Which, of course, we are.  We were able to get heirloom tomatoes, pie pumpkins, onions, and an Apple Gourd from one farmer grown by him and his wife.  I guess that is what makes it so fun!

A chili cheese dog!

Then we had lunch in the open air.  Jonathan managed to eat a very large and messy chili cheese dog without getting any on him-AMAZING!  The food was good and the laughter was even better.  Tony got nailed by a bird (just on his leg and just a little bird) but none the less, Sierra and Jonathan thought that was too funny.  We of course had to change tables because Tony could not stand the thought of something hitting his food.  I can’t say I blame him.  For desert, Tony and Sierra had to buy fudge and Jonathan had some gummy frogs.  I was full and the sweets did not appeal to me.  However, if the pie folks had still been there I would have had to get a piece of chocolate pie.

Once we wrapped up our produce purchasing, we headed to the mother store- Half Price Books on Northwest Hwy.  Nothing makes me and the other bookworms that I have birth to happier than being in that store.  Sierra had some extra money and she sold some books that she had outgrown.  Not only did I find a few books on herbs and propagation for me, I was able to make a dent in the Christmas list.

A hamburger and fries.

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