Old Man Winter is Knocking At Our Door

Here in Texas we have been having some very nice weather with highs in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s, however a cold front has been moving through.  Now the daytime highs are not such a big deal, the big deal for me and every other gardener is the overnight low.  If it drops below 32′, much of our growing season is done.  So, with the weathermen telling us that a freeze was on the way we were busy little ants getting all the harvest in that we could.

What a beautiful sight! I am so proud when I pick organic veggies from our own garden.

Peppers and Eggplants and Tomatoes and all the other veggies in the garden will continue to produce in the cool weather as long as there is not a freeze.  Once the freeze hits they are done.  The Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans have been growing on my garden fence all spring, summer, and now fall.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get any beans because they never bloomed.  Then about a month ago, blossoms came and now beans.  I did get a nice harvest on Sunday and those lovely beans are now shelled and in my fridge waiting to be cooked up with a little ham and bacon drippings- ohh so good!  Even though I did get a lot of beans there are still so many baby beans out there that I am hoping for old man winter to stay away another few weeks.  It is not uncommon for us in East Texas to not have a freeze until December.  During the heat of the summer when it is 95′ in May and June then hitting 100’s for weeks I always ask myself “Why do I live here?”  Then the weather cools down and I can pretty much garden all winter long because our ground never freezes and then I think “I love this climate!”

The Fish Pepper Plants (2) really produced all summer even in the heat and have given me a beautiful bounty of hot peppers.
Citronella is one herb that dies out in the winter. This plant is huge and I had to harvest it before the frost killed it.
This is the plant after. It looks so sad. However, this herb will be dried and I will make lots of wonderful mosquito repellant.

Not only did we need to harvest all the herbs that would not make it through a freeze- and there are only just a few that

will not over-winter- but all the potted plants such as Aloe Vera, Geraniums, and Bouganvilla had to be moved into the greenhouse.  All the work was worth it.  Even though as I write this, it looks like we have been spared a few more weeks.  Nothing outside looks bit by a freeze.  I am so grateful.


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