The First Eagle To Fly…

Cheyenne Kay in her new room

Today was a big day in the Ross household.  The first of our four children moved out.  Now, it was just down the highway a bit to Athens, Texas and Trinity Valley Community College, but it was a really big step.  It feels so odd as I sit here and type this knowing that she will not be coming home tonight or tomorrow… Of course, she will be back, after all, the college food holds no comparison to my home cooking.

There were only a few misty eyes for us today.  I had a good cry yesterday and got it all out of my system.  I don’t grieve that she is leaving, I am happy for her.  I grieve because a season of my life that I really enjoyed is coming to a close.  I am more than half-way done with the “raising” of my children.  There are no more preschoolers, no chubby thighs that I get to squeeze & kiss, no bellies painted to look like Indians with squished up berries as paint, & no more kiddos that will sit on the counter while I cook (now, they do the cooking which is not so bad)- those days are over.  But, what a GREAT ride it was.  I do miss Cheyenne, but to want her to stay would only be selfish on my part.  I was entrusted with an amazing gift and now I get to watch as she takes flight.

And taking flight she is!  She has earned a spot on the TVCC show team and got herself a job as a ranch hand at TVCC’s ranch all the while making A’s in her ag classes.  For those of you who know Cheyenne, you know that she is in her element!  Another great perk of the really  nice dorms that she calls home is that her room over looks the practice field for the football team.  Her deep brown eyes just lit up when we raised the blinds and saw the goal posts. She & I had a really great day, I loved every minute of it! I am really impressed with Cardinal Hall.  What a really nice layout the rooms have and they also have their own bathroom with separate vanities.  This dorm is brand-new and didn’t even have that peculiar smell that usually resides in old dorms seeming to have a life of its own.  She just doesn’t know what she is missing!

Speaking of missing, I maybe missing her and her dad may be missing her, but her sisters- not so much.  Cheyenne hadn’t even made it out the door before Sierra was taking up residence in her old room.  Apparently Sierra wasn’t moving fast enough- for Savannah was moving Sierra’s things out of their once shared room while Sierra was doing her chores.  Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”?  That was pretty much the atmosphere around here.  You could just feel the love oozing.  Jonathan, however, maybe missing her, too.  He gave her a Lego figurine to take with her.  A twelve year old boy doesn’t part with legos thoughtlessly.  The significance was not lost on Cheyenne, the little guy is now sitting on her desk in the dorm room.  Jonathan’s pain was eased by the fact that he is on his first Boy Scout camp-out this weekend.  He was all smiles when I dropped him off this evening.

So, here I sit the newest member of the group of parents that have adult children.  Wow, how the time flies by!  I am very pleased with the person that left my home as an adult.  I could not have asked for more.  Proud just doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  Now, I hear that not only will I get used to having the kids leaving home but I will actually grow to like it.  Thankfully, Cheyenne’s dad is also my best friend and I look forward to sharing an empty nest with him- even though that is still a few years away and I intend to squeeze every bit of fun out of the years left with children in my home.

These milestones come regardless- might as well celebrate & enjoy them all.



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