Whoo Hoo! First Goat Baby of the Year!

Kandi’s new baby girl

Ever since George came for an extended visit back in the fall, we have been excited about the coming kids.  5 months have passed since George’s visit and the first baby arrived today.

As usual, it was not the goat we picked to go first.  Kandi brought us the first kid and she did not look like she was that close.  Several of us thought she might, but didn’t want to say so because she would have held on to the kid just to prove us wrong!

Regardless of who went first, we are so glad to have kidding season begun.  In year’s past, once a Doe kidded, the others followed suit within 2 weeks.  Finally, after several months of store bought milk we are within weeks of fresh milk right from our own farm.  Never a dull moment.                     Speaking of activity, Tony went down to check on things tonight only to find bunnies on the lose.  A support chain has come loose and the cage had dropped down allowing the little guys to get out and run around.  All are accounted for and back in their pen.

George, the baby dady

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