The Farm Has Expanded

Minnie Pearl and Lou Lou, my new lambs

Last week some friends gave us a Boer baby that was the smallest of a set of triplets.  She was just a few hours old and very small.  We were so excited.  However, as it happens, she did not make it.  I was very upset.  I knew better, but we hadn’t had a bottle baby in a long time and I was so excited. 

My sweet family began whispering behind my back and making me leave the room so they could talk.  They were making plans to buy me a new bottle baby because I was sad.  So, tonight I was surprised when Tony said we could go get these little lambs if I wanted to.

At first I wasn’t sure.  Painted Desert sheep are not my favorites.  I prefer the “regular” looking sheep or the Jacob Sheep.  When I started with milk goats I choose the breed that I thought was the cutest.  The problem with that was that I choose Saanens which originated in the Alps.  For those of you not familiar with that area of the world- it is very cold there.  This means that these guys are great for snow, but not Texas summers.  After last summer I made the decision to sell the Saanens to folks more north of us and switch to the desert breeds- Nubians and La Manchas.  I am glad I did.  So when pondering the sheep questions, the thought popped into my head “Are we really going to do that again?”.  So, I went with the desert sheep.

These little girls are so cute!  The are furry and warm, very different from goats.  Now, when these girls get big enough we will breed them.  Then lamb will be on the menu at the Farm On Holly’s Hill.  The thought of eating lamb may make some of you squeamish, but you need to understand that lambs that go to the butcher are weighing in at 125 lbs or more.  Lambs are not the little furry cute things you see in the picture books.

But for now, we will simply enjoy bottle feeding these two and watching them play.  You never know, I may decide I like Painted Desert Sheep.  I didn’t think I would like La Mancha goats either, but I love Salsa now!  She is my favorite dairy goat- next to Saphire.  But she is my best milker.  Being breeders, it is ok to get attached, breeders don’t go to the butcher.  The girls are named Minnie Pearl and Lou Lou, after Hee-Haw one of my favorite shows growing up.  The kids love to get those DVDs from Netflix.

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