What a Week

As I write this blog today, I am enjoying the warm sunshine at Third Monday Trades Days in McKinney, Texas.  This weather is just beautiful.  I was worried about being cold, but no need to worry.  Folks are out and having a good time.  Tony and I are alone this month because we thought the weather would make any of the kids who came along miserable.  Nope, but we are having a good time.
McKinney was the cap on a very busy week.  Savannah had her interview with the Dallas Zoo for a volunteer position in the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park.  All went well.  He complimented her on her speaking skills and her easy demeanor and she then told him of her public speaking experience- thank you 4H.  He was impressed, of course.  He then asked about her experience with animals and she proceeded to list our livestock and he said “Wow, so you have a zoo at your house.  He has no idea how right he is!  Again, thank you 4H.  We won’t hear for a couple of weeks, Savannah is set to volunteer in the summer, so they will fill the spring session first and then tend to the summer schedule.
Savannah’s meeting was on Tuesday morning and she went to Renea’s house to make a dress.  I must say I was impressed with her first full blown sewing project.  I am grateful to Sara for helping them do this.  She came back home on Thursday, which means that Jonathan is owed two more days of having her do his chores for him.
Early Wednesday morning, Tony & Cheyenne headed west to Stephenville to pick up the 2012 show lamb.  This is always very exciting for Cheyenne.  She loves the lambs.  With all her experience in dealing with market animals (animals destined for the dinner plate) she understands not getting too attached.  We were all so shocked at the tears she shed last year when her lamb was sold at the Youth Expo Auction.  It was so sad, and to boot, if we had known she wanted the lamb her buyer would have given her back.  She told us that she didn’t say anything because she didn’t know she was so attached.  Sometimes you find your heart in the darndest places.  This year, however, we will make a deal to get the lamb back so Cheyenne can keep and breed her.  
The day was eventful for the two of them.  Long about Weatherford, fluids began spewing out from under the hood.  The limped along for a few miles till they got to the Ford house.  As it turns out, another defect of the 6.0 diesel is that the vibrations split the radiators.  Isn’t that just dandy?  Thankfully, they had the part in stock and Tony was back home by 5:30 that evening.  In the meantime, our trusty extension agent, Tommy Phillips was headed down to get lambs with a few others.  He was kind and picked her up and away they went to pick out the lamb.  
Thursday was less eventful; once Tony and I headed to Athens to decide what vendor space we wanted in Winnie & Tallulah’s- an antique shop on the square- we worked at home.  I had a stack of sewing and painting  to be done to get things ready for my booth in Ye Olde City Antique mall in Tyler.  Once we get back from McKinney we will head there on Monday.
Friday was intended to be a work at home day; however Sierra woke up saying that her neck hurt.  This is not too unusual for her; it seems that when she gets wound up her neck is where her stress goes.  But this day was different; she was in tears in a short time and just got worse.  I made her an appointment with Dr. Tina Ingram.  Tina ran tests and discovered that Sierra had viral meningitis.  It seems that the vaccination that Cheyenne got a few weeks ago had made Cheyenne a carrier or at least contagious. So needless to say, no one else in the family will be getting that vaccination.   Dr. Tina worked her magic and before my eyes Sierra got better.  I could not believe the difference in that kid from when we walked in and when we left.
I told Sierra how happy I was that she was so much better.  I wouldn’t have left for McKinney if she was sick.  She replied, “I know and I have been looking forward to this weekend and I didn’t want it to be ruined.”  You gotta have thick skin if you are going to raise children!  Thankfully, she is fully recovered and enjoying her weekend with the parents out of the house.

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