I Love Grit Magazine!

I really do love Grit magazine.  They have so many fun and interesting articles, great pictures and awesome recipes.  My little face just lights up when I find it in my mailbox!

Some times they also say the cutest things…. Like this issue for instance.  The article tag line is “An ancient plant with staying power, spinach will keep your salad fresh all summer long”.  That may be true in areas that are just beginning to thaw in May, but here in Texas where the temps may hit 100′ before May turns into June- you won’t be growing spinach in the summer.

That said, I love growing spinach.  It is easy and tasty.  You just have to know when to plant it.  Spinach planted in September will grow through most of the winter.  Only the hardest of freezes lasting several days will knock it down.  Then you can plant again in about February and enjoy it for several more months.  Once the heat starts hitting 85-90′, the spinach will start to bolt.  Bolt means it starts sending up seed pods and is done for the year. 

All picking aside- I do love Grit magazine.  This is a great publication to have coming to your home.  All of us take turns reading every issue.  Gardening in Texas is a completely unique endeavor, so keep that in mind when you read articles on planting.

Spring Spinach- you can harvest this by March in most years

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