A Messy Morning

These ladies thought this one box was the best one!

When doing farm chores, especially the morning chores I have a particular pair of green, cordorory overalls that I love to wear in the winter.  They are warm and comfortable with plenty of pockets.  Of course, they are not pretty and I have no idea of where they came from, but they are my favorites!  I call them my nerd clothes and my children agree.

My morning chores usually consist of milking and feeding the goats and pig in the barn.  Every now and then, I beat Savannah to the chicken house and get to collect eggs.  Again, I love the overalls, plenty of pockets to stash the eggs to carry them inside.

The chickens are constantly scratching around in the hen house looking for goodies. Invariably, they pile bedding up around the door.  When you shut it, you have to push in to get the door to latch.  As I leaned on the door this morning, I heard/felt a “pop” and realized that I had just cracked the egg in my pocket!  Words cannot describe what it feels like to reach into your pocket and feel the warm gooey egg oozing around.  I quickly grabbed all that I could scoop and tossed it on the ground for the dog to clean up.  Then I walked briskly to the house as the warm egg quickly changed to cold egg spreading on my thigh!  Always something to laugh about!


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