The White Tiger Discovery

A few months ago, I met Lisa Sanders at the Third Monday Trades Days in McKinney Texas.  She brought her ponies for the pony rides.  Of course, in July there was down time and we got to talking about her work with white tigers. I asked her if we could bring the 4H Vet Science Club to see their facilities and the tigers. 

Her boss and owner, Marcus, said that would be great.  Well, they really delivered tonight.  We were able to see the tigers, “play” with the tigers, and feed them.  You will some great pictures of the kids and tigers below.  How the tiger food is prepared was also shown to us. 

When I say the kids got to “play” with the tigers, it was of course through the fences!  One particular tiger, Guam, liked to “sneak” (as if a 900 lb animal can sneak unseen in an open space) up on the folks at the fence.  When the folks had their backs turned, he would pounce on the fence.  He got quite a reaction out of several of the girls.  He was so proud as he switched his tail.  Of course, the kids loved him.

Please check them out @

She is hiding waiting till the right time to pounce.  She doesn’t realize that she is poking out at the bottom of the log.
I am feeding Splash the Royal White Tiger
Savannah is blowing on her face and she is blowing back.  This is a friendly act.
Jonathan and Splash
Sierra is in love.

Shhh.. I am hiding.

All the hiding and pouncing business is just for show.  They are interacting and playing with the new people, posing for pictures and having fun being the center of the show.  Truly beautiful and magnificent animals, sadly the only white tigers in the world are in captivity.  They are extinct in the wild.  However, India is working to return them to the wild.  Conservation is vital to us all, who wants to live in a world without these beauties.

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