Peeps Are On The Way!

One of our favorite activities around our little farm is incubating eggs.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the little babies peck at the shell and finally pop out.  So, tonight we set 18 eggs in the incubator and in just 21 days we will have a fresh batch of chicks.

Last spring my mom, sisters and I went in together and bought our own incubator.  Being the good teachers that they are, they do the “egg to chick” projects in their classrooms.  My mom and sister, Windy, teach elementary age kids who simple enjoy learning the basics and watching the eggs crack open.  Sunny, my sister, teaches high school and they go way more in depth even predicting the genetic combinations that will occur based on the breeds of chickens.  Because of when Sunny’s project is due, she will be the first this year to use the new ‘bator,  I borrowed one from the extension office so I could get going on my eggs.

The eggs in the ‘bator right now are from my mixed flock.  But come Monday, I will have 25 Ameracauna
chicks arriving via the US postal service.  Due to heavy losses this summer, I needed to boost my flock numbers up.  I love the Ameracauna- also called Easter Eggers because their eggs are colored ranging from blue, green to pink.  These ladies are really good layers and very colorful birds.  I love getting that call from the post office at about 6 am.  It is a great way to start the day.  The first chicks we ever ordered were Easter Eggers.  I can’t wait!

One of our Easter Egger Chicks all grown up!
How can you not love something so cute?!

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