Busy Day

Today was a busy day and a very good one.  Sierra and I planted lettuce and cleaned up the raised beds.  I love the way the beds look when all of the dead plants are pulled up and cleaned out. 

Once they were clean we planted lettuce.  So, in about 2 weeks we will be able to start harvesting baby greens.  Given that I spend about $5.00/week on lettuce and salad mix, a $1.10 pkg of lettuce seed goes a long way in helping to ease the grocery bill.  Not to mention the fact that all our home-grown veggies are organic and much better for us.  Sierra is great help in the garden, while I cleaned she planted.  It is interesting to see what is coming back after such a cruel summer.  The pole beans are putting on new leaves and carrots are popping their tops up through the soil.  It seems some Zinnias dropped their seeds into one of the beds because some little Zinnia plants have popped up.  I don’t know if the pole beans will have enough time to put on beans before the first freeze, but I will leave them alone and find out.

Several herbs have earned my respect having hung on through this summer.  Not only are they showing themselves to be heat tolerant, but drought tolerant as well.  The basil has made a huge comeback after this great rain we have gotten.  I had given it up, certain that it was a causality of 2011 history making summer, but it is doing great.  Salad Burnett and Parsley have also comeback from death’s door.  Sage was one that never gave up.  Comphrey and Echineacea died back, but have put back out from the roots.

After gardening and breeding the American Blue rabbits, it was time to get cleaned up for Savannah’s big night.  She was awarded the Gold Star Award which is a big deal in the world of 4H.  One members who show great achievement and leadership are awarded the Gold Star.  She is very proud of herself and we are proud of her.  Tonight was the D4 4H Banquet that honored all gold star recipients and Adult Leader of the Year recipients.  It is a dressy affair and we had a good time getting all gussied up.  The dinner was very nice and the company was great.  Tony and I sat with our good fiends, Tammy and Mike Lenamond- whose daughter Rebecca also received the Gold Star Award.

Now it is time to call it a day.  Tomorrow we deliver a 100 gallon, 17ft tall live oak tree.  This is the largest we have ever handled- should be interesting.  Never a dull moment on the farm.

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