Lecompte, Pie Capital of Louisiana

Sweet Cherry Pie

Maybe you don’t know this, but Lecompte is the pie capital of Louisiana.  I don’t know how these towns get these designations, but the little restaurant, Lea’s, did have great pie.  It was, as far as we could find, the only pie shop in town, but apparently that is enough.

The place has been open for decades and was like walking back in time to the 1950’s.  This little town is one that we pass through going to the growers where we buy our nursery stock.  We had wanted to eat there for awhile, but never seemed to be passing through when they were open.  However, this last trip we made it.

There are no menus, what is served on any given day is written on the chalkboard.  Tony had fried chicken with peas and rice with gravy.  It was really good, home cookin’ kind of food.  I had the roast beef sandwich with peas.  I never pass up the chance to eat good southern peas.  In order to be called good and southern, the peas must be made with bacon fat, period.  These peas were really good.

As for the pie, Tony had cherry- his favorite.  He said it was good, I will have to take his word for it, as I do not like cherry pie.  But the ice cream served on top was excellent. When asked how the pie was, he did say that this pie was good, but  not as good as mine, I have better crust.  I know he is biased, but I do make good crust!  If I had not been so full, I would have gotten a piece of the chocolate pie, it had a 6 inch meringue on top!

So, if you ever find yourself traveling down Hwy 49 in Southern Louisiana, stop in at Lea’s- you will be glad you did- just do so before 5pm, that is closing time.   If you want to try your hand at your own great pie crust, check out the link below or click on the “Recipes” catagory to the right.


Like stepping back in time....
Tony loves fried chicken

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