Rain, Rain, Rain

Pink Turks Cap

Thank God for such a good rain!  To say that things around here were desperate would be an understatement!  It was almost physically painful to look at the garden area and see the raised beds so dried up and crusty.  This rain will go along way, but we still need more.  It does amaze me how months of city water will hardly keep things alive, but one good soaking from heaven and things have perked right up.

One thing the drought has shown me is what plants are the hardiest.  The old fashioned lantana- the kind with pink and yellow in the blooms- never missed a beat.  It has bloomed all summer and I haven’t even watered it.  Pink Turks cap has bloomed all summer and doubled in size.  My roses that were established have done well.  Of course most of them are either earthkind or roses that will be in the running to earn that designation.  Surprisingly, sweet potatoe vine has done wonderful with a little water.  Basil and Sage have done great, even the beds that I stopped watering two months ago stayed alive and now are standing up straight.  Victoria Salvia and Autumn Sage are doing fine and with this rain will probably bloom again by Wednesday.  It is no surprise that the things doing fine are Texas natives mostly.  So, when you go to re-plant your beds, take a good look at the Texas Natives- you won’t regret it.

Another thing the drought has shown is what plants do not tolerate the drought and brutal temperatures.  The Mondo grass turned up its heals quickly, however, I do think it will put back out.  The same with the hostas, they said goodnight several weeks ago, but I believe the roots will put back out- time will tell.  Any shrub I planted in the spring did not make it.  Thus, illustrating the point that fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, and roses in Texas.  Our summers are much worse than our winters.  With cold temps stimulating root growth coupled with the fact that our ground does not freeze, our plants stand a much better chance of withstanding the Texas summer if they were planted in fall.

More rain is predicted for today, Come on- Rain, baby, Rain!

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