Vengeance is mine sayeth the Grandmother!

Me with my sweet niece!

As I was hanging out clothes on the line today, I noticed a little pink tank top.  This perplexed me as I do not have any children that small.   Then I realized that this was the tank top that my niece, Katie, had left at our house.  I had put this top in my kids bag to give back to Windy, my niece’s mother and my sister, on Saturday.

You know what this means?  Those little stinkers, my children, simply dumped the bag of clothes into the dirty clothes hamper without even looking to see what was dirty.  Of course then I get  to thinking, “Just how much of this laundry that I do is actually dirty?!”  Not that this is the first time this sort of thing has happened.  Sometimes as a mom you feel like you beat your head against a brick wall!  Repeating yourself over and over is a way of life.  You find yourself saying things like, “Do you think I talk just to hear my head rattle?” Then you look over your shoulder to see if your mother is standing there because if you heard that phrase once as a child- you heard it a million times.

That is alright, because I will have my day.  That day will be when some precious little thing  is running around calling me Grandma.  Then my children will lament to me about how they repeat themselves constantly and no one seems to listen.  They will go on about how they clean a room and 5 minutes later it is trashed again.  The list will be lengthy and then they will talk about how they find perfectly clean clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.  I will smile and nod sympathetically- and then I will slip the sweet little perpetrator a crisp Ben Franklin as a token of my appreciation!

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