A Little Relief

Today was great!  We woke up to rain and cooler temps and unlike the other showers, these were not followed by 100 degree weather.  As a matter of fact, it took all day for 2 loads of clothes to dry on the line.  This summer the average load was dried in about 20 minutes- try to get that out of a dryer and the heat was free!.  But today, we had cloud cover for 90% of the day. What a blessing.

I am so grateful!  Things were getting desperate, as a matter of fact, the other day I witnessed two huge buzzards drinking from a bird bath in the middle of town. I knew then that if we didn’t get some relief soon, we were going to have many visitors that we would not enjoy. In small towns bordered by agriculture, its not unusual to see wildlife on the edges of town.  In our town, the nursing homes are located in areas that border farmland so at a distance it looks like the buzzards are circling above the nursing homes when, in fact, they are circling a dead cow in the field.  More than once we have driven by and a young child had asked, ” Oh, did somebody die?” Country kids have a unique perspective of death…

Speaking of death, our farm has been troubled by many more pests than usual.  Our eggs go missing on a regular basis, little chicks are disappearing, and every skunk in the county seems to be trying to live under our storage building.  I don’t blame the wildlife, the drought is pushing them to areas that have food and especially water.  Mostly that means our backyards.  When you have small livestock like chickens you can count on a little trouble from predators, but this year has been unusual.  Never have we had “wild” animals trying to live so close to us.  The heat has claimed a few casualties as well.  It is upsetting, but it is part of life.  We will regroup and learn from these hard lessons and go at it again in the fall.

You might think that all this talk about death and having to deal with it so much would be depressing, but it isn’t.  I guess when you get to witness the miracle of life as much as we do, seeing the other end of the spectrum is only natural.  Of course, we want to prevent death as much as possible and will make some changes before next summer arrives. But for now, we pray for rain and enjoy any clouds that come our way.

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