Happy Trails, Cinnamon

Sierra with Cinnamon

A few years ago, every little girl’s dream came true for Sierra.  She got her first horse.  Talk about happy!  She smiled for days and brushed that horse a whole bunch.  Cinnamon was an Arabian mix old ranch horse who was a ripe ol’ age of 24.  Don’t let the age fool you, that horse had spunk!  She made Sierra learn to ride and earn every bit of riding time.  Not very big, but just right for Sierra.  Sierra rode her every chance she got, all over our little place.

After Sierra got Cinnamon we took her up to the rodeo arena for a novice practice with the equestrian drill team.  It seems that in her long life time, Cinnamon made some really great memories at a rodeo arena.  She got so excited, started dancing around in the trailer and talking to all the other horses.  Well, Sierra could not do a thing with her the rest of the day.  She cracked us up, of course Sierra did not think it was funny that day.

Shortly after we got Cinnamon, we noticed that she would bleed a little out of on side of her nose.  Horse friends told us not to worry too much.  As time went on, the bleeding got more frequent.  So, we took her to the vet to get her teeth floated thinking it might be related to a bad tooth.  Dr. Eberhart could not find anything going on and referred her to an equine vet in Rockwall.  They used a scope to look at her nasal passage.  Dr. E said he thought it might be cancer.  Well, he was right.  However, the horse vet said that as long as she acted fine to let her be.  Of course, there was no more riding.  Cinnamon now found herself  living the life of ease. That was last summer.

Before then, we had made a lot of memories with her.  I could not have gotten a better first horse for Sierra or Jonathan.  One day I came around the house to find Sierra going up one side of Cinnamon and Jonathan coming down the other side.  Cinnamon was not one for running off, so Sierra would let her wander around and eat the grass.  Once Cinnamon found the dog bowl on the front porch, it was not uncommon to walk in the living room and see her looking in the front window.

When the vet checked her out, she said that the tumor would not cause her any discomfort, but it would grow and one day we would find her gone.  Well, the vet was right.  Cinnamon never seemed to be bothered by the tumor and we did find her gone this morning.  It was something that we knew was coming.  She had lost a lot of weight in this heat and we had been talking to Dr. E about the options of putting her down.  Sierra took it well, she has been crying for weeks knowing that it was time.  Grief is not something that comes and goes in a day, especially when you are morning the loss of a childhood friend.  So, today was kind of like closure for it.  We will have really great memories of that horse.  And to think all she cost was 2 jersey calves about 6 weeks old.  What a great trade.

I do believe the her soul went to heaven.  If you don’t believe me then you never owned and loved a horse.  Just like in Narnia, some animals are talking animals and some are not.  Cinnamon was definitely a talking animal.

Happy Trails Cinnamon! You were a good friend!



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