Homeschool Guests

hard at work

Today, we had guests for homeschool. My nieces, Katie & Rylie, got to spend the day with us. Actually, they spent the night and were here all day.We love to have them over.

Botany is the science subject for Sierra and Jonathan this year. The course is produced by Apologia and is excellent. Today we were studying the testa (seed coat) and the parts of the embryo. I really enjoyed Rylie and Katie doing class with us. They were so much fun. One of our activities was to design our own testas and color them. Katie was the only one who remembered to include the seed’s hilum (belly button). That made me feel really good. The delight that children show when learning is certainly a gift from God.

The other activity we did was do start an experiment. We placed 3 different kind of seeds in a ziplock baggie along with a wet paper towel. Now, we will wait and see which seed sprouts the fastest. Katie and Rylie will take their baggies home with them, of course. Katie told me that she had a warm spot in her room on the window sill to put the baggies.

I hope to get to do this some more with them.

Who says school isn't fun? Rylie & Sierra working hard on their science
Cousins, Jonathan & Katie, working on their seed coat

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