A summer of changes…

The past 8 weeks or so have been very full. Between the kids summer activities and our nursery, we have been going full speed.

Our nursery has been a great source of excitement and joy. However, we found that we had to make some changes. We really liked the location next to Canton Hardware, but found that as the summer heated up so did the concrete! There was nothing that we could do to keep the plants from baking. So, we relocated the nursery to the farm. It is on average 15 degrees hotter on the concrete than it is at home. God bless the shade trees!

Another reason for moving was that with the nursery away from the farm, the family was always divided up. One of the goals for Tony retiring from being a flight medic was to enjoy being together as a family while we ran our family business. This was not happening the way we were going. Now we feel the balance we were looking for in our lives. An added benefit is while the heat rages on and folks are not planting a lot, we have time to get work done on the never-ending to-do list. Where as the person who was staffing the nursery simply had to sit there and think about how hot they were.

We are really excited about the nursery being on site and the fall season coming up. Fall is the BEST time to plant shrubs, trees, fruit trees, roses, and berries. Not to mention the fresh Christmas trees we will carry in November and December. Christmas on the Farm promises to be great fun for the whole family. A free petting zoo will be available to customers along with hot chocolate. I can’t wait for that event!


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