Well, Jenny (the rabbit) is better. She still has a runny nose, but she is no longer congested. As a precaution, we are feeding all the rabbits dandelions. We were going to use the tincture, but the thought of all the syringes we would have to fill was overwhelming. Then it occured to me that we could just feed them the fresh stuff and the bunnies would LOVE it. Sierra and I dug some this morning and the bunnies did love it.

I really need to get the tilling finished. It will be time to start planting certain seeds in two weeks. I weeded the spinach patch. This spinach was planted in the fall. It has been rooted up by piglets, burried under 6 inches of snow, and froze. I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I had given it up for dead. Sierra helped me and then we fed the organic greens (weeds) to the chickens.